Robotic Pool Cleaner helps remove gunk and slime from your pool

roboticpoolcleanerIf you are already wealthy enough to own a home that has enough space out there to install a swimming pool, and have also done so, then you would know that the swimming pool is not going to remain clean all by itself. No sir, it will still need its fair share of cleaning to make sure that them nasty algae and moss do not grow on the sides as well as at the bottom of the pool, and the water itself will need to be properly treated so that you won’t dive into some body of water that ends up giving you an infection of sorts. Perhaps your regular pool cleaner is down and out with the flu, or you’re just paranoid about cleanliness – the $1,300 Robotic Pool Cleaner ought to be able to do the job then.

I suppose you can call the Robotic Pool Cleaner to be a “Roomba in the Water” of sorts, where this device will go about scrubbing, vacuuming, and filtering pools up to 60′ long from the floor to the water’s surface. It will be able to operate independently of a pool’s filtration system, hoses, or booster pumps, where it can filter up to 70 gallons of water per minute, which makes it more than a gallon per second, and does so by moving about on a quartet of PVA wheels which provide sponge-like traction on slick pool ceramic or vinyl surfaces. There is a PVC scrubbing brush that is linked to the wheels’ motors at a 4:1 gear ratio, resulting in robust agitation which is enough to lift dirt, algae, coins, and bacteria as small as 2 microns off a pool’s floor and walls.