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QR codes are showing up everywhere. I have to admit it took me a while to understand the appeal. I’m finally starting to see how useful these odd little pattern filled squares are. A simple scanning app, and you can be connected to all sorts of information. Is it any surprise that they are making their way onto wearable items, and into social media?

Well, check out Skanz… a cool new product, that that lets you wear your entire social profile, by means of a trendy little QR-coded bracelet. Simply choose a thin, or a wide band in the color of your choice, register it with, and create your own personal, mobile “Skanzsite”. Skanzsites allow anyone that scans your unique QR code with their smartphone to connect all of your social media accounts, like Facebook,  or Instagram,  any contact info you would like to share, like phone numbers, or addresses, and your favorite photos, music and more.

The Skanz bracelets also come in a Jr. version that allows your kids to build a fun homepage that includes all the fun things they would like to share, like TV shows, music videos, favorite things, all without revealing any personal info, that could be dangerous. There is never any charge to customize or maintain your Skanzsite and both regular and Jr. Skanzsites have the ability to be password protected.

If you’d like to get in on the newest way to indulge in your social media obsession, or just want another way to answer the question “can I have your number?” then a Skanz bracelet is just what you’re looking for. Get yours at for under 12 bucks.

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