Ride the Olympic Ceremony Monowheel in your home


olympic-ceremony-monowheelWant to own a little bit of history? That can be arranged, of course, but you will need a fairly fat bank balance if you want to do so. The Olympics have long been revered to be an event that is held once every four years, where the indomitable human spirit is celebrated, and everyone comes out as winners in their respective disciplines. How about getting hold of the glow-in-the-dark, pedal-powered monowheel that was used during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics? This is made possible as long as you have $7,000 to part with, where you can then own this piece of history in the form of the Olympic Ceremony Monowheel.

The Olympic Ceremony Monowheel sports a spinning outer ring of bright LEDs that surround a shadowed cyclist right at the center, and you can be sure that riding this bad boy down the street would be able to bring just about everything to a standstill, just like how it mesmerized spectators six years ago. All that you need to do is to position yourself on the padded seat within the inner ring’s circumference and grip the handlebars for balance, and you’re good to go. The pedals will operate the outer wheel, where it will be surrounded by a rubber tire which maintains contact with the ground as it propels the monowheel forward.

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