The Trinity will charge your gadgets through wind power


We all like the idea of getting something for nothing, but there are usually consequences involved with that line of thinking. Having to charge so many different gadgets is going to hike up your energy bill, but not to a point where you’re going to be destitute. What would you do if there was a way for you to charge all your gizmos without having to tack onto a bill?

We’ve seen a lot of solar-powered options for backpacks, phones, and more, but not many wind turbines. Mainly because they’re so bulky, and would be obnoxious to carry around. If there’s a will there’s a way, and innovative minds found a way to create the Trinity. This portable wind turbine will charge any USB device, and fits everything it needs into a 12” cylinder that can fit in your bag. It utilizes a 15W generator that holds 15,000mAh, which will give you several full charges on your smartphone.

To use this device, pull out the aluminum legs to arrange them in either a tripod configuration or on the ground to fit your situation. The blades will open and close in correspondence with the legs. The bottom of Trinity has a USB plug to charge your devices, and a miniUSB plug so you can charge up the internal power bank via wall socket. This will cost anywhere from $250-300. Seeing that this is fairly pricey, you’ll want to make sure this is something that would see enough use to justify it rather than just getting a more portable backup battery that requires no set up.

Available for crowdfunding via Kickstarter

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