NuForce Primo 8 in-ear headphones announced


nuforce6NuForce, a name that would be familiar with those who are interested in professional and consumer audio gear, has recently announced the introduction of the NuForce Primo 8, which so happens to be its flagship audiophile-quality in-ear headphones. The NuForce Primo 8 will see the unification of coherence and seamlessness of one-driver earphones alongside the detail and transient speed of balanced armature drivers, resulting in an extraordinarily natural, lifelike sound. This translates to the Primo 8 excelling in its ability to reproduce vocals unlike any other in-ear headphone on the market at this point in time.

NuForce has ensured that every individual Primo 8 earpiece will come with a quartet of proprietary balanced armature speakers in order to form a unique 3-way design. The four balanced-armature drivers that are located in each earphone are capable of delivering smooth, extended response, explosive dynamic realism and fatigue-free sound. Out of that, two of them would operate as one for bass frequencies, where one speaker will cater for the midrange while the other is for treble.

When there are two speakers that work in tandem in order to reproduce the lowest frequency ranges, the listener will be able to experience the purest, most natural bass possible. The Primo 8’s fast, rock-solid bass serves as the foundation for dynamic sound reproduction that was previously available only in the most costly over-ear dynamic and electrostatic designs.

Apart from that, the Primo 8’s proprietary crossover design would also see the earphone’s four speakers singing together in unity as one. Such technology would be clearly audible, where listening to plucked strings would make you feel as though you are attending a “live” event, while percussion explodes in a truly three-dimensional sound stage. The NuForce Primo 8 would retail for a whopping $499, but that is the price one has to pay for quality.

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