The Abyss Table Lamp is an otherworldly light source


ABYSS Table Lamp
There are everyday objects that we have become accustomed to. We all have a generic shape of a sink, toilet, desk, and other household items in our minds. Sometimes a designer will create these normal objects in a way that seems mind-blowing, but only because it changes the way we look at these commonalities. If you want to surround yourself with the unconventional, then you likely want to challenge the concept of how you perceive everyday items.

The Abyss Table Lamp by Kundalini is like no other lamp you’ve seen (you know, besides rope lights). This can be twisted into any form and keep their shape, which means it can become whatever you think isn’t going to scare you to death to see when you walk into a room. By itself, it would likely resemble a deep-sea fish, waiting for you to be close enough to strike.

This is a modular structure made from injection moulded opal polycarbonate that has high voltage LEDs. It is 43” in length, and as it is coming from a designer, the $855 price tag shouldn’t be too shocking (just kidding, that’s a load of money and you can be downright outraged if you want). Just remember, if it exists, then there must be some sort of market for it. If you like the idea, but can’t toss money out of your fancy car while driving down a gold-paved road, then this could potentially be a DIY project that could cost far less and look just as awesome.

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