The Spinpod will let you take perfectly stitched panoramas


Photography gives you the ability to show other people how you see the world. It can literally be anything you want it to be (though I think we’re all ok with not seeing a constant stream of selfies and food). Seeing that smartphones have pretty decent cameras now, it comes as no surprise that there are a myriad of accessories that you can buy to create something that is more than just a picture that was snapped on the go.

If you like taking panoramas and prefer to take photos on a phone rather than a dedicated camera, then you’re going to love the Spinpod. This is a small spinning mount for your smartphone or compact camera. You can shoot in portrait mode with this, but will probably want to spend the extra $15 it will take to get the landscape mount. It is capable of spinning either clockwise or counterclockwise with LEDs that will show you which direction it is going, and you can change directions by swiping your finger towards the LED that isn’t lit.

There are three options for delay timers ranging from 5-15 seconds that can be set by hitting the hourglass/timer button. This should work with any tripod, which you will almost definitely want. On its own, without the mounting bracket or any additional stabilization, it will cost you $60. It comes with a MicroUSB charging cable, mounting adapter, and a carrying pouch.

Available for purchase on thespinpod

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