Quoridor Pocket Maze-Forming Travel Game helps you exercise your brain on the move

quoridorI know that we are a society that is obsessed with mobile devices these days, and Generation Z grew up in a digital environment, so much so that anything analog is looked upon in disdain, as they wonder how we, their parents, were able to live with knobs, dials, and the idea of sending snail mail to one another across time. Still, there are some things that digital cannot beat – such as reading a newspaper or a book which do not require any batteries, not to mention the fact that newspaper can be used for many other functions once you’re done reading it. Well, games on mobile devices have exploded too, but it might be good if one enjoys something old school while on the move, such as the $19.99 Quoridor Pocket Maze-Forming Travel Game.

The Quoridor Pocket Maze-Forming Travel Game will basically require you to get from one side of the maze to the other, without bumping into any of the walls, of course. It is somewhat like the Light Cycles game in Tron, where this easily portable travel game will sport integrated drawers in the board itself so that you can stash away all of the parts without having a piece go missing by accident. The average play time is 15 minutes, and best of all is, there is no need for batteries to recharge since it doesn’t use any in the first place!