Best Waffle Maker quells those hunger pangs


wafflemakerHammacher has certified yet another device and deemed it to be fit enough to carry the “The Best” prefix, and this time around it would be the $249.95 Best Waffle Maker. What makes this particular home appliance deserve such a title, and why does it cost so much? As you know how the saying goes – pay peanuts and you end up with monkeys. The Best Waffle Maker is no monkey business, this I can assure you, as it has consistently produced perfectly cooked waffles and was easy to use. This chef’s-grade appliance sports dual grid surfaces within its rotating clamshell, allowing one to bake a couple of 7.5″ diameter Belgian waffles simultaneously.

With the Best Waffle Maker, you will be able to keep the hunger pangs of your family at bay, and in tests, both waffles came out evenly baked. This translates to a golden and crispy texture on the outside, and yet remaining nice and moist right down in the middle, all without having to carry any burnt or raw spots that are found in the waffles which were made using lesser models. Apart from that, the nonstick plates also make it a snap to remove cooked waffles, while its handles remained cool to the touch so that you do not end up burning yourself by accident. The Best Waffle Maker would let you know when it is preheating, ready for batter, and when the waffles are ready.

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