AirBulb Color brings mood lighting and audio simultaneously

airbulb-colorGone are the days when a bulb is well, a bulb, nothing more, nothing less. The AirBulb Color, however, goes one up on its predecessor, the eponymously named AirBulb, where it will be able to stream stereo music wirelessly from your smartphone to a pair of AirBulbs, in addition to sporting three pieces of White LEDs, and an equal number of RGB LEDs to boot. This would mean one is able to instantly change the mood of your room through the accompanying smartphone app as though it was magic. Not only that, the app itself will be integrated with the new “Mood Lighting Mode” and “Disco Lighting Mode” for added enjoyment.

The AirBulb Color will merge an energy efficient LED bulb and a wireless speaker in a single unit, where you can then wield full control over it in the form of an app using iOS or Android devices. The warm white LEDs will be no more in the AirBulb Color, as these will be phased out by RGB LEDs that enable a color feature in this smart device. As for the trio of original white LEDs, these will remain in order for them to produce a normal white color.

The AirBulb Color comes integrated with Bluetooth technology, so that every single function would remain right at your fingertips. You will be able to play music and control lighting wirelessly via iOS or Android devices as mentioned earlier, and being simple to use, this all-in-one unit does not require the mess of additional docking, a remote control or an AC adapter to get it going. Installing it is a snap, where all you need to do is plug it in, download the relevant apps, pair up the smartphone with the AirBulb Color, and you’re good to go.

It offers multiple speakers connection (up to 2 devices), incoming call and alarm notification, plays back a relaxing natural sound for those moments when you want to wind down, and has a full range acoustic driver. Oh yeah, it being environmental friendly, does not feature the use of mercury or halogens, too. Anyone want to check it out and give your support to the Kickstarter page?

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