Parrot Flower Power helps keep your leaved friend happy


flower-powerIf there is one thing that any cubicle drone would need to spruce up his or her workspace, then a fern or small cactus would be perfect. After all, a little bit of green never hurt anyone, and some green would definitely add color and life to the vicinity. Unfortunately, not everyone has green fingers, which is why when you come across something like the £49.99 Parrot Flower Power, it might be worth checking out.

With the Parrot Flower Power, it is as though there is a highly experienced gardener right on the spot at your disposal. This particular device will be able to discover and tend to the specific needs of your plants, making you more like the helping hand to the device, than the other way around. It is capable of measuring all the important characteristics and details such as moisture, temperature, light and fertilizer levels, before it synchronizes with your smartphone over Bluetooth to let you know what is lacking. For those who find it difficult to even take care of a cactus, then the Parrot Flower Power is the answer to their prayers when it comes to prolonging life in a pot. The Parrot Flower Power runs on a single AAA battery that ought to give it approximately half a year’s worth of battery life.

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