Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards unveiled in various color choices


corsair-vengeance-k70Gamers can be a fickle lot, and it can get pretty tricky trying to figure out what it is exactly that they are looking for. Well, if you have been waiting to pick up a new gaming keyboard for the longest time, but have never really managed to get around to it, perhaps you might want to see what the Corsair Vengeance K70 is all about, where this mechanical gaming keyboard has been specially designed for PC gaming performance with German-made Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches for that ultimate gaming experience.

I am quite sure that gamers too, would have heard about Corsair because of their exploits in the RAM department as well as SSD storage. They aren’t a slouch in the high-performance PC gaming hardware department, either, having announced the award-winning Vengeance K70 mechanical gaming keyboard to arrive in black aluminum with red backlit keys, where it will also be available with Cherry MX Blue and Brown keyswitches, if variety is what you would like to have in your life.

First of all, your eyes will definitely appreciate the sophisticated aesthetics that have gone into the refreshed Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard, where it sports an anodized black aluminum chassis for long-lasting durability and timeless style. There is also a vibrant red backlight that shines through each key, oozing an industrial look that is capable of complimenting any gamer set up. The overall backlighting is adjustable to four different levels of intensity, where the lighting for each key can be independently enabled or disabled. There is key-by-key lighting customization that opens the door for users to highlight just the keys they require to emphasize, including WASD, before one saves the setting directly to the K70’s onboard memory.

You should not miss a keystroke ever again, thanks to its 100% anti-ghosted matrix, full n-key rollover and 1000Hz reporting rate, while multimedia controls provide you with quick access to volume, skip tracks, play, stop, and pause. There are also a nifty USB port that supports accessories including Corsair’s very own Vengeance gaming headset or mouse. Expect the new versions of the Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard to be available this month with an asking price of $129.99, where each of these will feature a 2 year warranty.

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