The Percale Pocket Sheet Set will make sure your phone can’t escape at night

Pocket Sheet Set
You’ve just woken up to a muffled sound that is familiar, but distant. It’s your alarm, trying its best to disturb your slumber, but has been moved to a new location since last you remember. The frantic search then begins of trying to find it, not only to see the time but to shut off the unyielding alarm. Sometimes this scenario is how we end up waking up and starting the day.

If you often find yourself scrambling to find your phone in the mornings, then the Percale Pocket Sheet Set might be of interest to you. It doesn’t have any built-in sensors or LEDs that point you in the right direction. It does, however, have a pocket within reach when laying in bed for you to slide in your phone, ear buds, remote and more. This may be a small thing, but it would certainly save a lot of hassle in the mornings.

Of course, this does have a target demographic, and that would be college students. It’s only available in Twin or Twin XL, and comes in color options of blue, grey, orange, pink, and red. It’s a 230 thread-count cotton that is machine washable, and while it is a good idea for those who have their phone in their hands until they fall asleep, the $90 price tag is a huge deterrent. You may as well sew a pocket into the sheets you have now, and spend that money elsewhere.

Available for purchase on JCPenny