Harry Potter Deluminator does not work as expected

deluminatorI know that there are some fantasy items that can never be replicated in the real world, simply because it is not all that easy to bend or even suspend the laws of physics unless you are a deity yourself. With the $49.99 Harry Potter Deluminator, your imagination is required in order to have it “function” accordingly. Basically, the Harry Potter Deluminator happens to be an authentic prop replica of Dumbledore’s Deluminator which was bequeathed to Ron Weasley, where the top will flip up to show off a tiny LED within, making it the most stylish small flashlight out there.

Harry Potter fans will definitely fall for it, I am sure, where the size fits perfectly into your pocket without missing a beat, while the top of the Deluminator will flip back with a simple switch in order to reveal the light captured inside. As you ought to be aware by now, this is impossible in making a room dark, other than when there is a power failure or a fuse trip in your home. Powered by a trio of LR44 button cell batteries that come included to help you get started right out of the box, non-Harry Potter fans will probably question its relatively strange design.