Surfing Experience Core Trainer helps boost up your core muscles


surfing-core-experienceYou know what they say – if John cannot go to the mountain, then bring the mountain over to John. For those of you who love surfing, riding them waves is a passion of yours that will never get old, and during the long and cold winter months, you daydream about spending your days in the sun, surfing and having fun with the locals, while getting a tan – and maintaining your body’s core strength in the process. If conditions are not ideal for you to go surfing, how about bringing the surfboard back home instead? This is what the $599.95 Surfing Experience Core Trainer is all about – this balance trainer will simulate the movements of a surfboard on water so that you get to enjoy a similar same muscle-toning, full-body workout without getting your feet wet.

A real surfboard has been affixed to semi-inflated exercise balls which will shift and displace air as you move, resulting in the board to tilt and forcing muscles in the legs, abdomen, and arms to work hard so that your balance is maintained. You will be able to check out free online video lessons that are taught by certified trainers which will demonstrate 140 basic movements, where among them include real surfing techniques such as carving (shifting your weight forward or backward to move up or down a wave), standing up in one rapid movement from a prone position, and duck diving (pushing the board down to go under an approaching wave).

Each purchase comes with two cables that will attach to the front and when pulled, deliver the same resistance as though you were paddling through the ocean. At least there are no sharks to worry about in the living room!

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