Nokia announces Nokia 225 and Nokia 225 Dual SIM

nokia225-dualsimNokia, the once seemingly invincible 800lbs gorilla in the mobile phone scene, has certainly tumbled from its lofty heights with the introduction of the smartphone to the scene. They have, however, managed to stay in the game admirably well (as opposed to BlackBerry that is clearly struggling in most, if not all, markets) thanks to their partnership with Microsoft and rolling out Windows Phone-powered devices that cater to every budget – from the entry level all the way to the high end. Well, this does not mean that Nokia has forgotten about their roots, as feature phones do remain their bread and butter in many markets, especially in developing and emerging markets. Having said that, the Nokia 225 and Nokia 225 Dual SIM ought to be best sellers when available.

The whole idea of the Nokia 225 and the Nokia 225 Dual SIM is to deliver the Internet to even more people, all without having to break the bank. Sporting Nokia’s design and quality in these two handsets, they happen to be the slimmest Internet phone in Nokia’s stable to date, sporting a more generous 2.8” display so that your eyes do not squint unnecessarily, making it ideal for pockets and handbags alike.

Not only that, the Nokia 225 is also robust, sporting a dust and splash proof keymat, where it also comes with standby times of up to 36 days for single SIM and 27 days for Dual SIM – although I seriously doubt that anyone is going to get that kind of standby times in real life. Surely someone is going to call you or text your at least once in a month, right? Expect both handsets to arrive in red, yellow, green, black and white shades.

Using Nokia’s Xpress Browser, your Internet browsing data costs will be reduced drastically thanks to data being optimized before it arrives on your device, and you also have Facebook and Twitter apps preloaded to help you start chatting away right out of the box. At the back lies a 2MP camera, while you can carry up to 32GB of memory thanks to its microSD slot. As its name implies, the Nokia 225 Dual SIM is ideal for you to use two different contracts simultaneously on one device. The asking price? 39 Euros a pop.

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