Garmin’s Vivofit – Get’s you Going, Keeps you Going!


Most of you know that my fitness routine is limited to quickly changing TV channels and carrying heavy bags of cakes, ice cream and donuts into the house from the grocery store. I know I have to treat myself better, and there are so many gadgets out there that could help motivate me. I think I may have finally found one of those fitness bands that has a few features for real beginners like me, and, one that could continue to grow with me, as my commitment to daily exercise increases…

Check out Vivofit, the newest entry into the fitness band market, Vivofit actually learns your current activity level, *sigh* and then, assigns an attainable daily goal for you. As you manage to push on and meet those milestones, your Vívofit will set the bar just a little higher for the next day, gradually stepping you up to attain your fitness goals. Vivofit also maintains a free online community where you can view and track your progress.

Sure, Vivofit tells the time, but it also has quite a few additional features to keep you motivated. Use the optional heart rate monitor with your Vívofit in order to record your heart rate and zone data, and to get more accurate calorie burn information. Garmin Connect, the free online community that the company offers, allows you to challenge other Vívofit users, and start your own competitions with friends and family, in order to compete for badges and some all important chest thumping.

Your Vívofit will be your constant companion, and it keeps on “ticking” for more than a year without ever having to change the battery. Setting the sleep mode when you go to bed, then allows your band to track the quality of your sleep. Just log on to see how long you snoozed, and your periods of thrashing about. The Vívofit band is also water-resistant, so YES, you can shower, or jog in the rain, without having to worry. Get yours for around 140 bucks at, and me? I’m going to start getting off the couch, you know, right after the last of the cake is gone.