Grush is tackling a new market – the gaming toothbrush


Getting kids to do things they have to do like cleaning or washing up is about as much fun as pulling teeth for either side. The best way to get kids to do something is to make it into a game. Assign points, or use a rewards system and they’re suddenly ready to get things done.

It’s looking like someone took “making it into a game” seriously, as the Grush is coming into creation. This is a toothbrush that works alongside an app which will have kids brush away monsters on the screen of a phone or tablet, by brushing their teeth in real life. This is a motion sensing game wand controller that can track things like stroke, intensity, rotation, and gestures. There is a Grush Cloud that will store all of the brushing information, which means parents and dentists alike will have instant access to brushing antics.

The games that it comes with it are varied, in that you can chase away monsters, care for virtual pets, fly planes, and more. This will work with Android or iOS devices, and will provide a score or “Grush factor” based on the quality of your brushing technique. This is currently a crowdfunding campaign, but you can get the Grush, access to the Cloud, and all the games for $30-45 if you’re speedy. It does come with two replacement heads, but there’s a chance that you’re going to need more than that over the years. Of course, just because this is aimed at kids doesn’t mean it’s strictly for them. If you’d like to make everything you do in life a game, then there’s no shame in getting a Grush for yourself.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo