AmazonDash will make sure you never need to leave your home again

Amazon Dash

It’s awesome how you can buy something and it will show up on your doorstep the same day, or the next. Fewer and fewer people take the long way around of shopping in stores, only to find they don’t have exactly what they’re looking for. We’re getting to a point where Amazon can provide you pretty much anything, at amazingly cheap prices.

Seeing that we all forget things around the house until we absolutely need them, Amazon is launching the Amazon Dash. This will let you keep a virtual shopping list by either saying or scanning the item that you need. This can be used by your whole family, and you can add items as you go. This connects via your home WiFi network, and will put everything you scan in a cart on your Amazon Fresh account. All you need to do after that is go on your computer or mobile device, purchase your items, and schedule a delivery.

You can hang this on the fridge, or in a convenient location in the kitchen. Of course, Amazon Fresh is only available in Southern California, as well as the San Francisco and Seattle areas, so this doesn’t really apply to anyone who doesn’t live around there. This device is free, but the Amazon Fresh service costs $300 a year, and you’re not likely to find bargain-hunting deals. To get in on this action for those who are in that area, you’ll need to get an invitation email.

More information on Fresh.Amazon

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  1. Really.. Do we want to be trapped indoors 24/7? I know sometimes I just like to get out for a while..


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