Edifier S550 Encore multimedia system delivers a blast to your living room


edifier-s550-encoreI am quite sure that those of us who are on a rather tight budget and would love to maximize the value of our money would have heard of the brand Edifier before when it comes to audio systems. This time around, the folks over at Edifier have released its latest 5.1 multimedia system that is known as the S550 Encore. The Edifier S550 Encore claims to take audio to the next level, where it will boast of a couple of 10” super bass drivers that are capable of delivering 120 Watts each, resulting in ground shaking audio that your ears and invited friends to your party would definitely appreciate.

When you merge that with the 60 Watts from each of the 5 satellites, then the Edifier S550 Encore would end up producing an astonishing 540 Watts of audio output, now how about that? The wired remote comes with a display, where it would enable full control of input selection, volume, bass and treble adjustments, surround channel adjustment in addition to a 6-level volume boost. The 6-level volume boost function would enable listeners to push the S550 Encore beyond the maximum volume, which does make us wonder why place a faux limit on the maximum volume in the first place. Both DRC and DSP have been incorporated into the S550 Encore so that distortion is kept to a minimum, making this multimedia system ideal for home theater application, gaming or simply as a plug and play audio option. An asking price of $599.99 has been slapped onto the Edifier S550 Encore if you are interested.

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