Casagami Solar Light House trumps most doll houses


casagamiThe next time your little one asks for a doll house, perhaps it is time to say “No” firmly, and yet offer something alternative that ought to keep the entire family happy with your purchase decision. I am referring to the highly affordable £6.99 Casagami Solar Light House, where it will allow you to construct virtually the perfect glowing window display or night-light. Forget about flat pack kings IKEA – the Casagami Solar Light House too, is perfect in the way it is packaged, folded neatly into an envelope.

Not only that, you will be able to impart a precious lesson to the next generation concerning the world of solar energy, as well as renewable energy sources so that they will be able to know that money does not buy you everything. You can give a million dollars to a starving man in the middle of the desert, and he would appreciate some water far more than the paper currency. The Casagami Solar Light House delivers an authentic and homely fire-place glow thanks to an orange LED, where a single charge delivers up to 5 hours of soothing illumination. There is not much knowledge required to cobble everything together since it comes pre-cut, pre-folded and is ready to be assembled.

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