Floating Lighted Pool Fountain adds some jazz to your home


floating-lighted-poolSo you already have a pool out there in your garden, and are wondering just what else you can do to improve the overall look of your home? Lighting is always a good way to change the ambience to the setting that you fancy, and what better way to do so than with the $99.95 Floating Lighted Pool Fountain? This happens to be a floating fountain which is capable of transforming a pool into an effervescent light and water display.

The built-in pump would draw in water, before it creates enough momentum to send the unit into a leisurely spin, all the while ensuring it sprays vibrant, twirling plumes up to 3 1/2′ in the air. There will be 10 upward-firing LEDs that will create red-, green-, blue-, and yellow-hued spouts, all the while the 15 downward-firing LEDs would project a kaleidoscope of symmetrical, alternating colored images simultaneously on the pool floor for that added touch of “Wow!” The fountain as well as lights too, can be used individually, or together if you so desire. The presence of a sealed rechargeable battery would power the fountain for up to five hours, while the lights are able to last for 15 hours on a five-hour charge thanks to the included AC adapter. It comes with a 50′ range remote control, letting you operate the Floating Lighted Pool Fountain without getting yourself wet.

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