Rapoo 8900P Advanced Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set

rapoo-8900It goes without saying if you want to work at an optimal level, you ought to make sure that the physical – your body and mind, gets enough rest, not to mention having the right kind of tools to go along with the situation. For office drones who are destined to remain behind a cubicle for most of their working lives would do well to ensure that they have a comfortable workstation area, and that includes a good quality monitor, as well as a keyboard and a mouse that allows their fingers to dance across the keys in a jiffy. Rapoo has seized this particular market opportunity by introducing the Rapoo 8900P advanced wireless mouse and keyboard set.

The Rapoo 8900P happens to be described as “the ultimate desktop set for the power user”, where it will merge a slim, intelligent keyboard that has managed to garner bouquets at the IF Product Design Awards, and it comprises of a wireless mouse that has been fitted with a high-definition laser, allowing this bundle to add style, and optimize productivity in your home or office.

The first segment of
The first segment of the 8900P package would be the E9270P, which is an ultra-slim touch keyboard that sports intelligent, multimedia touch keys. It has been crafted from stainless steel and aluminum alloy which measures a mere 4mm thin, where the keyboard’s elegant look allows one to type comfortably and accurately for long periods of time thanks to the scissor key structure and floating chiclet keys. You will also find illuminated multimedia touch keys at the top of the keyboard, where they would light up as it detects your hand moving closer.

As for the second component of the 8900P, it would be the 7800P wireless laser mouse that has half a dozen buttons and a zoom in/out slide switch. Being a full-size mouse that has a high-definition laser engine, it is a snap to control and navigate. There is also a 4D scroll wheel that makes it possible to scroll horizontally and vertically, where you can choose between 800 DPI (for accuracy) and 1600 DPI (for fast movements) with the push of one key. The Rapoo 8900P would retail for $89.99 per set.

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