MiP is world’s first balancing robot

mip-balance-robotHave you ever hopped on a Segway before? Those who have given it a go would realize what fun it is to not walk any more, although after a while (and when the batteries run out), you would have realized that one of the small pleasures in life would include walking, taking in the scenery around you, not to mention being able to get some exercise going on. Still, it is an engineering marvel to see the Segway balance a human without toppling over. The £99.99 MiP is one robot that has been inspired by the Segway I believe, since it lays claim to being the world’s first balancing robot.

Arriving in either black or white shades, it balances all by itself, and can be controlled using a futuristic manner – via hand gestures, instead of a normal remote control. Hmmm, I wonder whether it would short circuit itself if you were to flip the bird? Anyways, the MiP robot is full well capable of balancing all by itself, all the while carrying its own bodyweight that is roughly equivalent to that of a can drink. Not only that, it will also boast of 7 unique and exciting game modes, where the free app can be used to have it drive, dance, balance and battle. It will run on a quartet of AAA batteries, so using rechargeables might be a good idea in the long run.