Swann HD RemoteCam lets you make video recordings discreetly

hd-remotecamSwann Security is no stranger when it comes to security monitoring, and this time around, they have yet another device that will cater to those who would love to perform a covert operation from time to time. I am referring to the HD RemoteCam, which is the latest device from their range of covert recording devices. The HD RemoteCam was specially designed to look like that of a standard issue car remote complete with a keychain to boot, as you go about your business discreetly recording your target in high definition glory, not to mention it being full well capable of snapping photos as well as capturing audio with but a single push of a button. Once done, you can even opt to share what was recorded onto different websites.

The HD RemoteCam itself would come with an integrated microphone as well as a fixed focus lens which is capable of capturing full color, high definition 1280x720p AVI video in addition to still photos (at 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution). In order to snap a photo, just press the record button quickly and the lens will get the job done, and if you prefer to get a video recording of whatever’s happening at that point in time, then you can always hold the button to record video. Doing so would allow the HD RemoteCam to start shooting video, where it will also continue to do so until you press the very same button again.

The presence of an LED light would inform you that the power is turned on, but whenever you perform a video recording session, this very same LED light would be turned off in order to let you discreetly go about your business without letting your cover slip. Each HD RemoteCam will arrive with a 2GB microSD memory card to help you get started right out of the box, but that is a paltry amount in this day and age, leaving you with just 20 minutes of video. For those who want to maximize their recording time, it would be better to purchase your very own memory card, especially those that can go all the way to 32GB.

Once the recording is complete, just transfer the relevant videos and photos to your computer via USB, with the option to share them on the likes of Facebook and YouTube. The $69.99 HD RemoteCam would have a recording time of 60 minutes per full battery charge.

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