The Raku Raku Magnifier For iPhone aides troubled eyes


iPhone Clip-On Magnifier
Our phone can give us just about any piece of information we could want to know. All it takes is typing in the search bar (you might need to be in a specific app if you don’t want to jump through a few hoops, but still). However, the screen is fairly small, and if you have any difficulty seeing, you’ve likely jammed this device in your face trying to read the small script.

If you wish you had a bigger screen, but don’t want to get a phablet, then the iPhone Raku Raku Magnifier can help you out. This is literally a clip-on loupe that will allow you to see your screen close-up at a distance. Essentially, this is taking away the need to zoom. While this would be very helpful when looking at maps if you use your smartphone for directions, this would be annoying for everyday use as it makes your phone a bit bulky. Unless of course, you have eyesight issues to the point where you don’t mind the extra addage of this clip-on.

To use, you’ll want to unscrew the vice wide enough to put your smartphone in (anything that is 8-10mm thich), and clamp it down. This can be attached to a case, but depending on the type, this could be more annoying than helpful. When you don’t need its assistance, you can simply flip it over the back, and pull it out again when necessary. This will cost around $16, and would be great for grandma and grandpa if they’re trying to join the modern world by using a smartphone.

Available for purchase on raremonoshop, found via redferret

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