QuNexus is an ultra-portable MIDI keyboard

If you always have a song in your head and just so happen to know how to play a keyboard, then you likely wish there was a way to bring your mental creations into audible sounds. Not too long ago we saw a program called Imitone that could take any notes from humming or instruments and translate it into a composition. If you would prefer to have tactile feedback, or just want to improvise a little jam session, then having a small keyboard around would be useful.

The QuNexus is a smart sensor keyboard that can not only act as a mini/MIDI keyboard, but will allow you variance in your notes with the touch of a finger. Each key can sense the pressure and tilt, which means you have no need of a pitch wheel. There are 25 keys that are made of silicone which can stand up to a hectic lifestyle (for all you mobile musicians out there), and all will illuminate once pressed.

This will work with anything from your professional equipment down to mobile devices. You can set up presets, as well as share them with friends. Using this is very easy, as it’s plug-and-play via USB. The possibilities are as varied and endless as your imagination. Of course, you will want some knowledge of how to play a keyboard, and be working in some field of music before putting down $200 on this. Otherwise it might be smarter to start off with a regular keyboard and work your way up.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via Thegeekchurch