MyIDkey – Biometric, Military Grade, Password Protection and More!


Picture it, you’re rushing to pay your credit card at the last minute, or looking to check out on the auction site you’re so fond of, but you’re on a different computer. You know the one… the one that doesn’t have your passwords saved! Thus begins the endless, lost password scenario. Everything is password protected these days, let’s look at a brand new way to handle that.

Check out MyIDkey, the most complete solution for managing your passwords and protecting your files. MyIDkey is meant to be carried with you, on your keychain, and uses cool biometric technology to authenticate your identity, and safely display all your password information on the go. Using military grade encryption, your MyIDkey unlocks with the swipe of your finger, and will even self-erase if the fingerprint security feature of the password vault is breached.

MyIDkey not only guards your precious passwords with a unique fingerprint scanner, it also connects to your devices via WiFi, USB or Bluetooth, has a voice search feature so you can find what you need effortlessly, and it provides you with 16 GB of storage for important files, folders or photos. Simply download the mobile app, enter your information and passwords, connect MyIDkey with your devices,  then swipe with your finger to authenticate, and everything you need is displayed on the screen.

MyIDkey also stores confidential files and folders, like passports and banking information, credit card numbers and insurance documents. MyIDkey helps you manage all your sensitive information in one place, safely and securely. Who can out a price on that? So if you’d like to start using proper passwords, and safeguard your identity, and all of your personal data , MyIDkey might be just what you’re looking for. Visit to buy one for around 250 bucks, or just to learn more about MyIDkey’s other impressive features.