NERF Nuke is the BFG of the NERF world

nerf-nukeYou know what they say, a wounded animal who is cornered as its most dangerous, and some folks out there are willing to cut off the nose to spite the face. When you have run out of options in a NERF fight, there is still hope to take down everyone else around you – regardless of whether they are friends or allies, and you can do so with the $99.99 NERF Nuke which will definitely be regarded as the BFG of the NERF world the next time you sit around a campfire and regale one another with war stories of your NERF exploits.

The NERF Nuke will be able to deliver what we like to call “mutually-assured NERF destruction”, as this functions as the NERF weapon to end all NERF wars. In fact, the NERF Nuke works this way – it will be able to shoot 80 NERF darts in every direction, where you can opt to hold it up in the air as a “grenade”, throw it up in the general direction of the enemy, or to make use of the included high-powered launcher, the choice is yours. These NERF darts will be sent speeding all over the place at a range of up to 30 feet, now how about that? Happy April Fool’s!