Mr. Beard Beard Machine lets you crank out a beard of your choice

mrbeardIt sucks when the rest of your mates have started to grow bodily hair all over the place, and they have even begun the great adventure of shaving and the like, while you still wonder how come your hormones are still locked within the stables, as your previous attempts in growing a manly beard failed – miserably. Fret not – considering how we tend to live in a time where everything is as instant as possible, how about getting an instant beard? This is what the $149.99 Mr. Beard Beard Machine is all about, taking a page out from those Nespresso machines and their coffee pods.

Instead of popping in a coffee pod to get your favorite fix of caffeine, the Mr. Beard Beard Machine would require you to pick and “grow” your favorite facial hair style, thanks to a patented B-Cup system that is not only quick but easy to use. There are more than 200 styles in multiple hair colors to choose from, and each purchase would arrive with a 5-Style Sampler Pack to help you get started right out of the box. Don’t you just love April Fool’s?