Nyko Power Kit for Xbox One ensures you have enough juice to game on

nyko-power-kitIn this day and age, many of the devices that we own run on battery power, and while most of us take the necessary care and precaution to recharge whatever device that we’re using the night before so that it will be ready for a full day of action afterwards, there are times when our memory fails us. Those who own the Xbox One might want to check out this Nyko Power Kit that will be able to let you achieve a literal balance of power, as it plays and charges simultaneously.

You can opt from either Regular or Plus models (which will feature either 1 or 2 batteries), and hence it does away with the need for you to purchase disposable batteries that would do our earth no good as landfills get poisoned. Do bear in mind that the Nyko Power Kit will target the Xbox One’s wireless controller, where it would come in handy during those marathon gaming sessions. I might want to recommend the Nyko Power Kit Plus though, since with this, you ought to have a fully-charged battery on hand for Xbox emergencies all the time. It plugs in straight into the USB ports on the Xbox One console, and with a Multi-LED charge indicator that shows off its charging status, you ought to be in full and total control all the time.