Kolibree – Your Dental Health, Now on the Net

Packshot Brosse à dent Kolibree

Do we all remember learning how to brush our teeth? In my day that meant those little red disclosing tablets that you would chew, and they would leave bright red stains on the teeth you neglected. My kiddo should know how to brush, but I’m not sure she gets the consequences of not doing it properly. Of course modern technology has a solution…Check out Kolibree, a cool new gadget designed to help you brush smarter. Used like your regular toothbrush, Kolibree sends real-time data directly to your smartphone. Easily check to see if you’ve brushed for long enough, or brushed in all the right places, using intelligent sensors and connected technology. Yup, its a Bluetooth toothbrush with a nifty associated app.

Kolibree’s toothbrush actually contains a sensor that can track the areas of your mouth that you’re brushing, and it lets you know what sections might need a little more attention. The toothbrush measures how often, and for how long you spend brushing and, if you’re not gettin’ it done, you’ll get a low brushing score. Good for kids and adults alike, Kolibree will help anyone who cares about their smile, to brush smarter.

Kolibree tells us that it’s an open platform, which means they can create limitless digital dental experiences through the use of creative apps, including games, music & video apps, healthcare & well-being apps, even interactions with your dentist. I think Kolibree will do more for kids learning to brush their teeth than a musical toothbrush and an egg timer ever did. Watch for the Kickstarter campaign sometime this summer… they’re expected to price out between 100 and 200 bucks depending which one you get.  It seems like brushing your teeth might never be the same. To sign up for notices, or for more info, visit kolibree.com.