Titanfall R.A.T. 3 Mouse ready to rock and roll


titanfall-rat3-mouseI suppose if you happen to own the Xbox One, one particular game that would have occupied most of your time and attention in the past week or so would have been Titanfall. It is a game that has captured the imagination of many, and you can be sure that should a movie concerning the series be released, it would be able to find quite a sizeable number of gamers flock to cinemas, as there is always something about huge robots slugging it out with one another that we fancy. Well, the $79.99 Titanfall R.A.T. 3 mouse might be the first of many Titanfall-laced products or gaming peripherals, so brace yourselves!

The Titanfall R.A.T. 3 mouse comes with a gaming-grade 3500 DPI optical sensor so that you have one less excuse when you fail to dispatch of your opponents properly in a deathmatch. Apart from that, this gaming mouse also sports a trio of programmable macro buttons across 3 modes, resulting in 9 user-definable commands. There are also 4 user-definable DPI settings that range from 450 to 3500. Kudos to the folks over at Mad Catz for turning the ever-popular R.A.T. mouse into one that has been optimized for Titanfall.

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