Magnetic Measuring Spoons – You’ll be Stuck on Them



I don’t know anyone that has a neat and tidy utensil drawer. Okay, maybe my mom, but thats a whole other story. I constantly find myself digging through a pile of (mostly unused) cooking junk. Why do I have to wade through egg slicers, strawberry hullers, and candy thermometers to get to the only stuff I actually do use… like my measuring spoons?

Well, problem solved. Check out Joseph Joseph Magnetic Measuring Spoons. These amazingly useful, super fun, and easily stored measuring spoons are sure to be a kitchen essential. Made of brightly colored plastic, 2 strong magnets located in the handle allow you to stick it on any metal surface, like a range hood or fridge, so they’re always right there when you need them, and, they also make awesome memo holders for shopping lists, or your kids most memorable artwork, or test papers.

The teaspoon and tablespoon ends each contain a ½ measure line to ensure accuracy. The single spoon measures tablespoons, teaspoons, half tablespoons and half teaspoons, are dishwasher safe, and come in a variety of colors, like blue, green, red, black, or yellow. Each spoon measures 6″ L x 1-1/2″ W x 3/4″ H and can be had for under 7 bucks from

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