PowerCurl Mini Earbud & Power Adapter Organizer for your iPhone 5

powercurlSo, you have a spanking new iPhone 5 that is just waiting impatiently for you to fill it up with its fair share of accessories? Perhaps you have looked all over the place, and figured out that you have gotten the necessary bits and pieces down pat, protective case included. How about the $9.99 PowerCurl Mini Earbud & Power Adapter Organizer? This is a unique tool for your precious new iPhone that ensures the handset’s cables will always remain untangled thanks to the PowerCurl. It will be compatible with the default charger and cable for the iPhone 4, 5, or 5s, and would be received gratefully thanks to those who charge frequently as they move about.

Using the PowerCurl Mini Earbud & Power Adapter Organizer is a snap – since it fits your iPhone 4, 5, or 5S’s 5W power adapter, all that remains for you to do would be to wrap the cable around the spool. Once that is done, flip the silicone cover down over the spool, and barring a catastrophic cataclysmic event, everything there will remain neat and clean and within one tiny 2″ wide x 1″ high bundle, as long as you do not need to juice up anything else.