Third generation 4-bay Drobo delivers portable storage in a stylish design

drobo-gen3Connected Data are the ones behind the award-winning Drobo range of smart storage solutions, and in their latest product announcement, they have turned our attention to the the newest 4-bay Drobo. This third generation Drobo will be easy on your finances, and not only that, it is also three times faster compared to its predecessor, and you will be able to enjoy updated features including the likes of USB 3.0 connectivity, significantly faster rebuild times and enhanced support for Apple’s Time Machine. Not only that, in order to entice existing customers to perform an upgrade, the company has rolled out a customer loyalty discount program of $50 off for all first and second-generation Drobo customers.

Touted to be the “Most Advanced 4-Bay Drobo” ever, this third generation Drobo will cost a relatively affordable $349 each, packing in a totally new architecture that makes it three times faster compared to the previous generation. Not only that, we did mention that it will have faster rebuild times, but just how much faster would that be? We are looking at four times the speed in order to maximize data availability just in case there is a disk drive failure, and there is also the option of throwing in a battery back up that delivers additional protection in the event of a power outage.

Data protection becomes a no-brainer with Drobo, as whenever a drive fails, Drobo will automatically protect your precious data without requiring any form of user intervention. Apart from that, you will be able to purchase the capacity that you need at the moment, with the flexibility to increase space by throwing in extra disk drives, or through the swapping of smaller disks with larger ones some time down the road. Not only that, Drobo even offers protection against one or two simultaneous drive failures with but a single click.

Pre-orders for the third generation Drobo are already being accepted as you read this, and shipments are set to commence later this April.

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