The Fuloon Inflatable Mattress – Creating Backseat Paradise



Have you ever had the need to sleep in your car? Perhaps an unfortunate camping incident involving rain or wild animals? A need to be somewhere at an unnatural hour, coming home from the hospital after surgery, or maybe during a long road trip, when you just didn’t want to spring for a hotel room in order to get just a few hours of shut-eye? Well, I’m here to tell you, that backseat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, with the odd slope, and the seatbelt apparatus poking you in the back.

Check out the Fuloon Inflatable Backseat Car Mattress, providing  you with a simple way to make your car’s backseat as much fun as you hoped it would be. Designed to fit almost any car, the Fuloon has 2 blocks and a center cut-out on the side of the mattress that’s not supported by the back seat itself, that levels the sleeping surface by filling in the legroom that you, or your body parts, would usually fall into. The rest of it covers those pesky seat belts that wreck havoc on your ribs and hip bones, all the while making your backseat the width of a full size bed.

The Fuloon Inflatable Car Mattress is made of a durable PVC, comes with an 12V electric pump, weighs in at a mere 6.6 pounds, and provides enough room for up to two people who don’t mind a little close cuddling, So go ahead and throw one in your trunk with a blanket, and a weeks supply of beef jerky and water…  you’ll be ready for just about anything. Get one at for under 120 bucks.

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