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The Das 4 Keyboard Ultimate – play time is over


Video games are a fun way to relax and escape from reality for a while. Many of them make you think strategically, can show you a new perspective, or have beautiful art and music. The way you interact with this other world is through your controller. When it comes to PC gaming, this translates to a keyboard and mouse. Seeing that many games require precision and speed, having equipment that can keep up with you is important.

 If you’ve passed the point where gaming is considered ‘casual’ in your life, then you likely want some hardware that will move as quickly as you can if not faster. When it comes to precision, Das is all over it, and it’s looking like they’ve proven it again with the Das 4 Keyboard Ultimate. This has done away with any and all letter and number markings on the keys as you don’t honestly need them after a while. Much in the same way you can play a stringed instrument without frets.

You’ll have the option of Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches, which mean you’ll get two different options of clicky goodness that have gold contacts. There’s an instant sleep button to save energy, a footbar to raise the keyboard (that can also act as a precise ruler when not in use because…why not?), a 6.5ft cable, and 2-port USB 3.0 hub. If it wasn’t apparent, there are media controls as there is a fairly large volume knob for when you want to listen to music that doesn’t come from the game, or need to adjust volume in a Skype call. This will cost you $169 if you want to upgrade your gaming equipment.

Available for purchase on Daskeyboard

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