Withings Smart Body Analyzer Wi-Fi Scale does more than just show how heavy you are


withings-smart-body-scaleNot all scales are created equal, although it would be safe to assume that in most of the homes out there, you would find a regular scale sitting in the bathroom or in a bedroom, tucked nicely underneath the bed. Well, an ordinary scale just provides you with a reading on how heavy you are exactly, and that’s that. The rest of it – exercise routines, fitness regimes, they depend on you. Not so with the £129.99 Withings Smart Body Analyzer Wi-Fi Scale (or Amazon for $149.95), as it does a whole lot more than just show off how heavy you are.

In fact, with the Withings Smart Body Analyzer Wi-Fi Scale, I guess you can more or less associate it with having your very own team of full-time fitness coaches, and there is no need to pay them overtime or any of that sort, and neither do you need to deal with politics. Plain, simple and straight to the point, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer Wi-Fi Scale will be able to measure the likes of your weight, body fat, heart-rate and air quality. Apart from that, it will also sync your smartphone to set goals and track your progress, and has the ability to recognize up to 8 users, where every single one of them would have their own profile, now how about that?

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