Smart Sensor Energy Egg and Power Strip to manage your power use better


energy-eggIt would not be too far off the mark to say that without electricity in our homes, we would feel crippled. There is no Internet to hook up to (at least, until the batteries on our smartphones that function as a hotspot dies off), and neither can we watch TV or do the simplest of household chores such as getting the clothes washed in the washing machine. Hence, it makes perfect sense to make sure that we use electricity as prudently as possible, which makes the €72.59 Smart Sensor Energy Egg and Power Strip worth checking out for any home.

The Energy Egg is actually a very simple device which intends to reduce your electricity bill, as it offers home automation all the while improving home safety, now how about that? It arrives in a stylish form factor and is a snap to set up, as you gain intelligent control of all your appliances and prevents wasted electricity. Thanks to cutting-edge motion sensor technology, the Energy Egg’s sensor will be able to know whether someone is in the room or not. The moment it detects a movement, it will double up as a remote control, wirelessly turning on/off lights and appliances depending on your prior preferences.

It is full well capable of controlling the entire range of your devices that have been paired with the unique power strip, socket and light switch. In order to gain the most savings possible, one will have to use the Energy Egg in a room where majority of the devices can be accidentally left on, such as in the bedroom as well as the living room. Since each family’s use of energy is different and dynamic in nature, the amount of money saved can vary between £50 to £150 each year.

To get started, just pair the Energy Egg and power strip wirelessly with but one click of the Energy Egg button. From there, you can plug in any device (TV, DVD, satellite receiver, games console, lamp, stereo, radio, charger, printer, electric heater etc.) into the 6 socket power strip, where a pair of power outlets will always remain on, while the other four outlets would be Energy Egg controlled.

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