LifePrint wants to make sure you memories can’t be deleted

Taking a picture or shooting a video is often done in an effort to keep a specific memory. Through these methods of recording, that concert you went to or meal you ate with a friend you haven’t seen in years is solidified as something you can look back on. However, the importance of a photo has changed in the last few years, as hundreds of thousands are uploaded every hour of every day to various social media sites. After you save upwards of two thousand photos on your computer, you realize how sad you would be if your computer died and you lost all of those experiences.

No one can take away your memories, but we do skew the past if we have nothing to look back on. If you want to start printing your photos rather than hoping your PC is never going to crash or you’ll accidentally delete the folder containing years of content, why not get the LifePrint? This is a WiFi and Bluetooth photo printer that pulls from not only your smartphone, but that of your friends and family as well.

This is a portable printer that can print around 30 photos on one charge. From the app, you’ll be able to add borders, notes, filters, and more. As it is online-based, you can also send photos to a friends printer on the other side of the world. Of course, if you have a friend who just loves sending you photos, you can look in the printer queue and see what’s coming in to decide whether or not you want an actual print. You will need to buy film for this, and it can only hold about 10 prints-worth of paper. If you want a printer for just yourself, it will cost around $100, or you can spring for two at $200 and get another one for a friend.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter