FEDDZ is an e-bike that gives more than it takes

If you live just close enough to work that walking would be a pain, there’s a good chance you use a train, bus, cab, or your own method instead of hoofing it. It’s not that walking is a terrible thing, it just often takes up more time or energy than we have in the mornings. If using a bicycle or skateboard is a bit too labor-intensive for you, but you’d rather rely on your own ways of getting to work, there are options out there that require little effort from you.

While a Segway is a valid option, it’s mainly meant for sidewalks, and in all honesty looks a bit silly. If you’ve ever considered a motorbike, but don’t want to have to pay high prices for gas, then the FEDDZ might seem fairly appealing. This is a an electric motorcycle that is closer in size to a bicycle, but has no pedals to fuss with. There are front and rear lights as well as turning signals, and the entirety of this bike runs off of a Lithium-ion battery, which takes about 4-5 hours to recharge after it has been drained. It is easy to remove, and has no cables to get tangled. Simply remove, plug into a wall outlet, replace, and be on your merry way.

There are two different types of bikes available, the lower end of the spectrum being able to go about 16mph, and the higher end being able to go 28 miles per hour. In either category, there are options for the battery which are called Eco and Premium, which have around a 44-68 mile driving range respectively. On any bike, there are three speed options to choose from, a display to show you your speed, time, and distance, as well as brakes on the handlebars. The prices for these e-bikes is anywhere from $8,200-10,000+.

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  1. People who can afford an electric bike costing 10 large probably already have a cadre of serfs who can bear them hither and fro in a bejeweled palanquin.

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