The Mini Karaoke Player will let you practice your singing whenever you have a spare moment


Mini Karaoke Player
If you’ve ever done karaoke, you know how absolutely embarrassing it can be your first time. We often sing in the car with music turned up fairly loud so we can’t be a proper judge of our own capabilities.  You don’t realize how much or little talent you have as a singer until you’re put on display for all to hear. Of course, stage fright can also be a huge factor!

If you want to knock it out of the park, but need the music to practice with, you can have your own karaoke box wherever you are with the Mini Karaoke Player. All you need is to connect this microphone to a music player, plug in some ear buds and start practicing! This will merge the sounds of your voice with the music from your player. If you’d like, you can even record yourself (if you’re using your phone for example) so you can improve.

Should you want to use this at a party, you can hook it up to speakers and sing for your audience. There are echo effects available, volume controls, and left and right stereo microphones for singing with friends. It can be on standby for about 10 hours (and likely far less when in use) before needing a recharge. This will cost around $40, and comes in blue, pink, yellow, and silver. In no time at all, you’ll become a karaoke star!

Available for purchase on raremonoshop, found via redferret

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