Flying Fire Breathing Dragon terrorizes the neighborhood

flying-fire-breathing-dragonBy George! Who would have thought that dragons actually exist in this day and age? Wait a minute here, it is not as though we have concrete proof (biological ones) that dragons existed in the past other than in drawings and folklore. Well, if you think that you have a cool $60,000 lying around, then you might want to be the best house in the neighborhood for kids to visit during Halloween this year with the Flying Fire Breathing Dragon.

Yes sir, this particular remote controlled jet-powered dragon is capable of soaring through the air at up to 70 mph, and it is also able to breathe out fire of its own thanks to propane from within. The dragon comes with LED eyes that can be commanded to glow red while it emits a fiery 3′ blast of flame from a cleverly concealed (and flight-disabled) propane tank and igniter that has been specially built into its toothy maw. A miniature turbine engine constructed and embedded within the beast’s chest would be able to offer enough thrust that exits the rear at 500 mph, and a 10 minute flight results in 1/2 gallon of jet aircraft fuel or kerosene.

Use this to enact your very own Desolation of Smaug scenes right in the comfort of your very own backyard, just be extra careful at where you point the flames!