Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber – Scrub the Inside from Outside



I’m trying to be a little more Earth-friendly. I reuse what I can, and cut down on my contribution to the landfills by not using disposable water bottles. I have a nice array of special glass and plastics that can be used over and over again. I know it’s not much, but at least I feel like I’m doing something. Of course what I don’t like, is cleaning the containers, a bottle brush never seems to do the job, and theres always some residue stuck in some rounded corner I can’t reach. Yuck!

Well, if you find it difficult  to properly  clean some of your narrow-necked vessels, like wine decanters, water bottles, vases or even baby bottles, then you should check out the Magnetic Spot Scrubber. This ingenious little gizmo can clean all those pesky hard to reach places that all the soaking, poking and swiping simply can’t reach. The Magnetic Spot Scrubber is comprised of a special magnetic silicone scrubber with a separate magnetic knob that work together to perform cleaning magic.

You just drop the little scrubber into your soap and water filled decanter or bottle, and then using the magnetized knob, you hook up to it from the outside, and get to scrub away to your hearts content. This little gadget is almost like having a tiny hand inside your normally inaccessible containers, getting them sparkly clean, with no contortions, or dishcloths wrapped around knives. (yes, I’ve done that)

The nubby silicone scrubbers is strong enough for a nice scrubbing, but soft enough that it will not scratch glass and, when finished the Magnetic Spot Scrubber easily rinses clean, just don’t put it in the dishwasher. Get one now at for just under 12 bucks.

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