Toshiba Canvio Wireless Adapter does away with pesky cables


toshiba-canvioDon’t you just love the wireless as well as paperless revolution? After all, it is always nice to know that a particular device is able to “talk” to another without having to hunt around for a wire or a cable to connect the two. Toshiba might be more famous for a wide range of consumer electronics devices, but this does not mean that they have forgotten entirely about the world of computer peripherals. No sir, one of the more recent releases from them would be the Toshiba Canvio Wireless Adapter which will be able to offer traditional external hard drives with the ability to become networked storage devices.

The Canvio Wireless Adapter can be best described to be a simple yet powerful innovation which will add wireless networking capabilities to any traditional external hard drive, where with this capability vested in it, users are able to share, stream and access their content from any place, on any device.

The Canvio Wireless Adapter is a snap to use, allowing one to be able to instantly add high-capacity storage to a smartphone or tablet through the wirelessly uploading of pictures, videos and documents to an external hard drive. This works a whole lot better instead of your mobile device losing precious storage space. Not only that, the Canvio Wireless Adapter is also to share content with up to eight other devices simultaneously, which means that both family and friends are able to easily access and download photos and videos, while working teams will be able to easily access presentations and documents in business meetings.

Not only that, users are able to play and enjoy their entire digital media library stored on an external hard drive through the act of streaming them to a tablet or smartphone. The Canvio Wireless Adapter will work in a number of settings that range from a hotel or dorm room to being on the move, where a lot of it depends on your mobile lifestyle. The Canvio Wireless Adapter can be purchased for $79.99 a pop.

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