Power Pen offers a quick boost for your battery

powerpenThe modern day executive has plenty of things to worry about every single morning as he or she goes off to work. For instance, you would have to make sure that your dressing is smart enough to “kill”, and you would also need an array of devices to ensure that you can keep track of the numerous tasks and appointments throughout the day. Unfortunately, there are times when you suffer from a slight slip of the mind, and you forget to juice up your smartphone or tablet to have it meet the next day’s demands. This is where the $49.99 Power Pen comes into play then.

The Power Pen is far more than just an elegant writing instrument, it could be a life saver. This is a portable backup power source which will come with the relevant tips so that it can charge the likes of your iPhone, Galaxy, Blackberry or any other Android-powered smartphone. All that you need to do is to separate the two halves and hook up the included multihead charging cable, where it boasts of built-in Lightning, 30-Pin and Micro USB adapters. Charge indicator lights will indicate the charging progress, and to charge up the Power Pen itself when it is exhausted, use the included USB cable.