Microsoft announces Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

wirelessmobilemouseThe computer mouse has certainly come a long way ever since Apple introduced them to the market many, many moons ago. The early models of computer mice in the market have proved to be unwieldy and downright ugly in comparison to today’s sleek design, but then again that is a given with any kind of technology, right? For those of you who grew up playing LucasArts’ X-Wing on the PC, you would be able to identify with the frantic use of the mouse when a TIE Fighter flies by you, especially when you do not have enough money for a decent joystick. Other games like Starcraft and Quake have also refined the use of the mouse in the computing world as more than just a mere pointing device. Microsoft has introduced their latest addition to the mouse market, which is known as the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850.

Gone are the computer mice of yesteryears where you would need to clean out the dirt and grime from the internal rollers periodically, otherwise the sensitivity of your mouse would be affected negatively. Most modern mice these days rely on optical or laser technology, and there are no more trackballs left to worry about. With the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850, it is touted to be a super lightweight peripheral that was specially designed ergonomically so that your hand does not hurt despite long hours of use, never mind if you are right handed or are a southpaw.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 would play with your devices using 2.4GHz wireless technology, delivering a reliable wireless connection to your PC thanks to its built-in mini USB transceiver. Since the mini USB transceiver is so small, you are able to leave it plugged into your laptop all the time, or when it is not in use, stash it within the mouse itself so that it does not go missing. Those who are interested in picking up the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 can choose from five stunning colors – Coal Black, Flame Red, Orchid Pink, Pantone Purple, and Wool Blue, as it carries an estimated retail price of $14.95.

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