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Some communities have a neighborhood watch, and I like that idea. There is something to be said about knowing there are people, awake and alert, that care about you, your home, your town. I’d like to see the concept taken up a notch, I’d like to know when there’s an accident clogging up my way to work, or that a break-in has occurred at a business in town… that would be some good information to have.

So check out Local Alarm System (LAS),  a brand new app that can help increase the safety in your neighborhood in a quick and easy way. You simply need to download the LAS app, and then invite your friends and neighbors to join your group and, if an emergency occurs, LAS allows them to inform the entire neighborhood with just the press of a few buttons.

If something happens, press the relevant alarm button, indicate the group you want to inform, and indicate where the danger is. Everyone in the group will automatically receive a push message telling them what is going on, then, the alarmed members of the group can respond easily through another push message.

LAS can also be of great value for shopping centers, store owners, parks, beaches, first aid posts at fairs and festivals or other special events etc. to inform the right people within seconds, about burglary, fire, casualties or just about any unsafe situations. Of course, for all emergencies; first call 911, then, use LAS for immediate assistance from your vicinity.

If you would like to sleep a little easier, and be informed about what’s going on around town in real time…head on over to the Appstore or Google Play for your download, or visit lokaalalarmsysteem.nl for videos and more information.

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