Folding Bonnet Hair Dryer for easy storage


folding-bonnet-hair-dryerSome ladies love to pamper themselves, and they go to the hair salon once in a while to get a new look which does wonders to the soul, and when you couple that with a pedicure, manicure, and throw in a massage session, you’ve melted her heart. Of course, at the hairdresser’s, that is a prime breeding ground for gossip as well as to catch up on the latest happenings in town. Waiting for your hair to dry is often punctuated by such conversations, but what if you are more of an introvert and prefer to be at home? I suppose you could wash your hair in the comfort of your own bathroom, and get it dried with the $69.95 Folding Bonnet Hair Dryer.

The Folding Bonnet Hair Dryer happens to be able to fold into a convenient size for easy storage whenever it is not in use – which makes perfect sense, really, when it comes to modern day families where living space is at a premium in congested cities. When folded flat, this dryer happens to measure a mere 16″ x 14″ x 6″, which makes it a snap to slip under a bed or store on a shelf. Whenever you need to dry your hair, just set the Folding Bonnet Hair Dryer on a table or countertop, and it can expand from 20″ to 24″ high, offering a 15″ x 14″ bonnet that is large enough to accommodate a coiffure which has been set with jumbo rollers. A couple of speed settings and 1,875 watts of heating are sure to dry even the thickest hair in no time at all.

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